My name is Richard, the founder of Creative Cascades based near Bishops Stortford. From pond cleaning to new-builds,my ponds, waterfalls and streams are based on the natural eco-system method whereby in place of complicated equipment and pipes, we build around natural filtration principles, working in harmony with nature,where bio-mimicry is at the heart of the system.

Whilst anyone can dig a hole, few can sculpt with rocks, take a look around the website and see for yourself.

Pond clean st clouds


At the heart of everything we do is the ecosystem method whereby we use systems developed by Aquascapes Inc that use mother natures own miraculous ways of filtering water.

It's hard to overstate just how much better this approach is compared to the old school way of building ponds. Maintenance is far lower, water will be crystal clear (as long as you don't neglect your pond entirely!). No UV lights are needed, no shed full of equipment and running costs are much lower.

Ecosystem method


^ Here I am working on the waterfall section of a wildlife pond & here below you see the finished pond section, in this case I used large lakeland slate, the colour of which changes depending on weather conditions;


Water is filtered through eco-friendly wetland filters via natural intake bays, with plants and beneficial microbes working in harmony to cleanse the water.

For me a pond or water feature should look as natural as possible, a stimulating habitat, that will calm your senses in an every frenetic world.

The magic of moving water induces an unrivaled sense of well being and calm, but far too many water features & ponds are poorly designed & constructed which means they soon become maintenance heavy & not the enjoyable, tranquil features clients had envisaged.

Aquascape biofalls

Newspaper article on how being by water is good for body and mind;

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Large green slate waterfall

Saffron walden water feature

Beeson 2

Water features, eco-system ponds and garden 'chillax' zone specialists. A stunning water feature such as a double waterfall with or without pond, set in lush planting can add significant value to your property and turn dull, lifeless space into a living breathing landscape you wont be able to drag yourself away from. In a life filled with stress & noise, what better way to revitalize your senses?

We call it the aquascape lifestyle - you don't know it yet, but your garden has the potential to be the most important place in your life.......

New stream with cascades december 2018

Passion for creating pondless waterfalls, landscaped water gardens & firepits.

Stream type waterfalls

I'm fastidious when it comes to working in an orderly clean manner, I definitely stand by the ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ motto.


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