• Wyoming stone firepit package £1995 - 4' x 2', real stone, bespoke
  • Montana stone firepit package £2995 - 5' x 3'
  • Vermont stone firepit package £3995 - 6' x 4'

Measurements are approximate depending on stone used and chosen grill size

Our hand built stone firepits are far superior to anything you can buy off the shelf, unique, built to order, they are designed to retain the heat and be easy to light and perfect for shared cooking experiences where each guest can cook from their position round the pit. An off the shelf metal bowl will not produce anything like the same quantity and evenly distributed heat of beautiful natural stone. Think how stone stays warm long after the sun goes down whereas metal cools rapidly, and you get a sense of how much more efficient a proper firepit will be.

They need no maintenance other than perhaps brushing down the cooking grate with a stiff wire brush.

Built with premium grade materials to include hydraulic set cement able to withstand 1250 C temperatures, our pits are very carefully designed to ensure maximum enjoyment and utility.

We will not build a pit using inferior materials such as man made concrete slabs, but it is perfectly ok for us to construct a pit using quality natural stone placed above concrete / man made patio slabs.

Given the high temperatures they generate as well as the extremes of British weather you will find the pit will expand and contract, indeed we design them with the aim of the entire pit expanding & contracting at the same rate as this reduces cracking, but expect your pit to take on it's own personality over time as it weathers into place.

Please use your pit safely at all times, as you would any other fire or BBQ.

Frirepit chill zone bushey

Clean and simple outdoor space

Quality firepits

Typically designed with large high quality grill grates in mind to allow multiple guests to cook simultaneously around the pit which makes for a unique social cooking & dining experience.

Can be provided without cooking grill if preferred.

Contemporary designs utilising sheets of slate or other materials can be made to order. Or perhaps a stone circle using large feature rocks set into a fire resistant concrete base for a really authentic feel.

These are not like off the shelf propane gas firepits which can be disappointing in terms of warmth and atmosphere and aren't usually designed with cooking in mind.

Concrete can look clean and modern, however, it will be stretched to it's limits being very hot when in use and then exposed to the cold of a British winter and for this reason we would tend not to put our faith in an all concrete affair.

Salmon on pit

A robust durable firepit combines real stone, top quality hydraulic set cement, concrete blocks, a solid foundation, good drainage and well placed air intakes.

No maintenance is required other than perhaps wire brushing the grate before use.

Rock firepit

We suggest using kiln dried, seasoned birch wood logs in your firepit as they tend to produce less smoke and burn well and hot. But any decent fire wood or charcoal lumpwood can be used, indeed some use ordinary BBQ ‘bricks’ as fuel, or a mix of these and wood.

Please check out our fire pit recipes designed to minimise trips to the kitchen! Contact us if you would like any of our recipes aimed to keep the host out of the kitchen and socialising with guests.