Aquascapes, bringing that calming holiday feeling to your 24/7

Beeson 1

Pondless waterfall with stream nature paradise 2019

New stream with cascades december 2018

Small slate waterfall with lush planting no pond means almost no maintenance

Custom water feature

Waterfall cascade up close

Clavering after

The above waterfall and stream can be viewed by customers. Located at Fish Fish Fish nr Clavering on Herts / Essex border.

After a hard day's work, what better than a drink beside your very own bespoke water feature, pond or stream, your toes dangling in the foamy flow...

Modern life is stressful and busy, imagine re-centering yourself with the soothing sound and sight of water

Our features can be remote controlled (hard-wired or hand held where appropriate) and fitted with LED lighting schemes where some lights can be above water

Gentle waterfall 8ft in length

Add value to your property with a stunning waterscape with the option to make it pondless for low maintenance enjoyment.

You could even chill your beer or Prosecco in your very own cascade, your guests won't have seen that before! From pondless waterfalls, to pondless streams or perhaps you'd like a pond that incorporates moving water? Your children will have hours of fun enjoying an aquascape, off their phones and into the real world.

Waterfall cascade up close

Nothing transforms garden space like water and the maintenance required for a patch of grass or planting is considerably greater than that required for an equivalently sized pondless waterfall or stream. Your water feature can be built to maximise interaction, for example so as you can have your feet or a hand dangling in the flow whilst you relax with your favourite drink.

Back or front garden, transform your space into something alive and enchanting, after all, you only live once!

Our pondless features bring you the joy and atmosphere of cascading water without the burden associated with pond maintenance. My specialty is rock waterfalls with ‘disappearing’ pondless water cascades.

Small slate waterfall with lush planting no pond means almost no maintenance

Whilst I personally adore ponds, people with busy lives don’t always have the time or energy for pond maintenance. Pondless waterfalls require none of the maintenance associated with a pond.

Word on the nature grapevine will soon spread as your waterfall becomes a meeting place for birds, frogs and other beasties. Amphibians and invertebrates wont breed in a pondless waterfall, but none the less will enjoy the moist environment.


When it comes to aquatic and marginal planting we favour planting designed to remove nutrients from the water in order to clean it. Vigorous plants take up nutrients from the water that would otherwise be consumed by the dreaded algae.

Plants enhance water

Contact me today to arrange a site visit. The meeting will be far more productive if you already have a good idea of where you’d like your feature and the approximate dimensions you require in terms of total length, width and height.