Ecosystem Pond Construction

A true aquatic artist mimics nature and if you look around the internet, very few pond builders have an artists eye.

When it comes to artistic flair no one does it better than us.

When it comes to artistic flair no one does it better than us.

Our speciality is ecosystem ponds where mother natures own principles are employed to provide clean healthy water without all the intrusion of a load of man made filtering equipment.

When it comes to pond construction, at the heart of what we do is mimicking how mother nature keeps natural water systems clean.
Our filtration works with mother nature and not against her.

Chemicals and expensive factory made filters are no match for a properly designed natural filter system. We can include factory made filters on request but would always see these as secondary to a properly built ecosystem which works with mother nature to keep water healthy.

Our pond construction:

  • Natural filtration systems (can be combined with man made factory units on request)
  • Experts at natural ecosystem filtration methods
  • Pond skimming systems to keep debris out of your pond
  • Wildlife friendly - our ponds don't suck wildlife into pumps!
  • Waterfall cascades
  • Aeration systems
  • Natural skimmer bays