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Hi res rough 1

^ A stream, waterfall and landscaping to include aquatic & terrestrial planting, Berden village, Hertfordshire.

Patmore heath pond

^ Wildlife, ecosystem pond in Patmore Heath. Plants will soften the rocky appearance over time.

Tips for naturally clean water features

Small slate waterfall with lush planting no pond means almost no maintenance

New stream with cascades december 2018

Waterfall with small pond

Our pondless waterfalls are ideal for those with child safety requirements

Some of the services we offer;

High quality eco-ponds & water feature

Child safe, low maintenance pondless waterfalls

Wildlife ponds & low maintenance eco-system naturally filtered ponds

Wildlife safe pump systems

Streams and features

Flood and polluted water systems - constructed wetland filters

Pondless stream

"Think of a water feature as a very cost effective 24/7 health sanctuary"

A properly executed aquascape will add value to your property.

Attract birdlife to your garden with a bespoke water feature that helps cover background noise.

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