What We Do

Based in Hertfordshire, Creative Cascades are builders of high quality ponds and water features with an emphasis on low maintenance, wildlife friendly systems. Our ponds are perfect for fish and do not require UV lights and other kit that needs constant maintenance, tweaking and cleaning.

We use the ecosystem approach developed by Professor Ed Beaulieu at Aquascapes;

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Ed The Pond Professor

At the heart of the ecosystem is Mother Nature’s timeless method of filtering water. Our pumps are isolated so that wildlife cannot get into them, and maintenance is much lower than on a traditional old-school pond which utilise box filters, UV lights and other upkeep of man-made equipment.

Unlike the vast majority of contractors we custom-build natural filtration systems that are unmatched when it comes to keeping water clean.

  • We never use concrete in our creations, we use a recyclable rubber liner and real rock.
  • We use rocks because they protect the liner, hold everything in place, are great surfaces for beneficial micro-organisms that clean the water and also look good.
  • Over time the planting softens the rocky appearance.
  • We only use energy efficient pumps, equipment and low voltage/LED lighting.
  • Our ponds and streams create habitats for frogs, insects, bird and animal life.

Each system is different, and features can be combined to bring to life the water feature you’ve always dreamed of.

Richard is happy to speak on the phone to talk through your ideas and plans and advise you on the technical aspects of what you require. If you are then happy to proceed further we can arrange a site visit in order to give you a precise quote for your bespoke water feature.