When it comes to eco-system ponds and water features there are no shortcuts, the artistry required is not a skill one can learn very easily, so think of your project as a piece of sculpture by artists.

In addition the technical know-how and forensic attention to detail require careful planning and meticulous working practices.

How do I get a cheap pond built?

Anyone can dig a hole, pile some rocks around it and chuck a pump in. Of course such a pond will fail on every level, most of all it will be a maintenance headache and not a thing of beauty.


Ask to see the work of anyone quoting for you. A dead giveaway for poor skills is when you are shown images of rocks piled on-top of one another as if a bomb has gone off! Look for images showing the pond builder in action.

We are often asked to fix poorly built systems but it’s usually out of the question as an entire rebuild is the only option which means clients would be facing having to pay twice!